Saturday, 28 April 2012

How to Become a Club Promoter

How to become a club promoter can be a dream job for anyone who would like to invest their time and money into it. It is a job that not many know about and yet for those who are in the business it's something they would like to keep a secret. Why? Because as being a club promoter means you receive paid to throw parties and you get paid well!

Imagine lacking to work in a cubicle, in a warehouse, as well as at a answering services company. But that's not the good thing of it... you receive paid to host parties in the hottest clubs. You can literally be a mini-celebrity in this world. Unfortunately, you will find very few manuals or guides that educate you on how to start out in this business. The good news is you're going to learn not just how to become a club promoter, but you'll learn some insider tricks and the way to land your first gig.

This isn't for everyone!

Seriously, it's not. It will require you to definitely stay out late for fun on saturday or even during the weekdays. You're going to have to talk to people that you might not even know. Sometimes it's going to take some courage to ask a cute girl or guy to come to your parties. But hey, in the event that doesn't seem like something you want to do then that's okay, since it really isn't for everybody.

What does a club promoter do

In simple terms, you throw a party at a club and invite your friends and anyone that would be interested. But let's break it down even further...

Finding a Venue

In order to host a celebration you need a spot to host it. So begin with a list of the local clubs, pubs, or bars where you live. You want to begin small if you don't have any experience. But it's important to remember that the location you choose will be one that you and your group will love.

Next thing to complete is to jot down a list of all your friends and family that would be interested in coming to your parties. This will be the beginning process. It doesn't matter how big or small your list is, because you'll build up on it later.

After you've gotten your lists together you have to contact the club or bar and work out the details of the negotiation. This will be explained further in the following web address below.

Why don't we say you have got your negotiations handled. What happens next? Well, you have got your place and a list of people... now you have to spread the word out and obtain people to your party.

If you've done everything right you should start making some pretty nice cash flow, even on your first party!

Tools of the Trade

Every successful club promoter uses these power tools and tricks to help them throw successful parties. That's how important it's that you focus on this section.

Tip #1 - Employ a photographer. Post pictures of the event online. Show what people are missing. Take pictures of hot people in the club, this can attract others to visiting your next party.

Tip #2 - Always remember who brought you to the top. Your list and the people that arrived at your party every weekend would be the VIPs of the club. Make them feel important and they'll continue to get you to the top.

Tip #3 - Girls, girls, girls. Ensure that you never exhaust girls to bring to your party. The greater the merrier. There's a reason why clubs let girls get in free... since it works and it will work for you if you remember this golden tip.

Shortcut To Success

It can be intimidating to make contact with the local managers of the club to work out the deals. If you're new at this then it's a smart idea to get hired on with a promotion company and get some experience after that. Once you have felt that you've mastered everything there is to know from working within promotion company the next step will be to go out on your own.

This is when the money is at. Running your own company not just gives you more freedom, it allows you to earn more. The top club promoters around the globe make an average six figures a year from partying for fun on saturday and holidays. How's that for living?!

Do you consider you have what must be done to become a nightclub promoter? If you are serious about making six figures annually by throwing massive parties then visit for more information on how to be a club promoter.